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A pinguecula is a growth on the surface of the eye. It typically appears yellow and can occur on multiple parts of the eye simultaneously. It is similar to a pterygium but it DOES NOT extend to the cornea.

Pingueculas are most often associated with individuals who spend a lot of time outdoors. That is why a common cause is thought to be exposure to ultraviolet rays of light for long periods of time.

Individuals who get frequent pingueculas are recommended to use lubricating eye drops to reduce dryness and irritation to the eye. They are also encouraged to use sunglasses when outdoors to reduce the effects of ultra-violet rays.

Pingueculas rarely have to be removed through eye surgery unless they become exceedingly discomforting.

Westchester Eye Surgeons has helped patients with pinguecula for more than 20 years. Dr. Spero J. Kinnas is a leading eye surgeon in Chicago and has helped patients in Chicago and the suburbs for more than 20 years. Westchester Eye Surgeons is conveniently located for Chicagoland residents in Westchester, IL, a western suburb of Chicago.

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