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Vitreous Floaters

Eye Floaters

The vitreous humor is an internal ocular gelatinous structure that loses optical clarity over time with the formation of floaters. Vitreous floaters, or eye floaters, then cast shadows of light on the retina which our patients can perceive as lines, dots, squiggle and other shapes. You may notice floaters when you look into the sky or into a lightbulb and they may temporarily disappear from view when the light is dim.

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Westchester Eye Surgeons has helped patients with eye floaters for more than 20 years. Lead by Dr. Spero J. Kinnas, we are conveniently located for Chicagoland residents in Westchester, IL to better serve Chicago and all surrounding suburbs.

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Are Eye Floaters Serious?

Most instances of eye floaters are not serious. A common cause of floaters in the eye is when the vitreous humor and retina pull away from each other. If the separation is small it may not be serious, but could cause you to experience more vitreous floaters than you normally would.

Sometimes suddenly seeing too many floaters could indicate a serious eye condition. A retinal detachment may cause you to have an “explosion” of floaters. A retinal detachment happens when a part of the retina pulls away from the surface it sets on of the back of the eye.  A detachment could also produce vision loss in one or more fields of vie.

If you do not address a retinal detachment immediately, you could end up with partial or full vision loss. This is why you should take eye floaters seriously and see an eye doctor, especially if their sudden appearance is accompanied by flashing lights and vision loss.

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