How Cataract Surgery Cost is Calculated


Frequently patients ask about out of pocket costs associated with cataract surgery. Cataract surgery costs are generally categorized into 3 components. Professional fees provided by the cataract surgeon Costs for services by the surgical facility Costs for items and materials that are necessary to complete cataract surgery Professional Fees Provided by the Cataract Surgeon Fees for […]

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Eyelid and Facial Spasms

Eye Conditions

Eyelid and hemifacial spasms occur from involuntary squeezing of the eyelid and facial muscles. These spasms may lead to lid closure and diminished view The exact cause of eyelid and hemifacial spasms is not well understood, but the disease generates stimulation of branches of the cranial nerve that control facial and lid position. Eyelid and […]

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