What Is An After Cataract Surgery Opacity And A Posterior Capsulotomy?

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Cataract surgery is a frequently performed operation during which an affected natural lens is replaced by an intraocular implant (IOL). What is an after-cataract surgery opacity? Whenever possible, the IOL is centered within the capsule that surrounded the natural lens before it was removed. If the IOL is in the capsule it is held in […]

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Cataracts and Pseudoexfoliation

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Pseudoexfoliation is an ocular condition in which a fibrillar, proteinaceous substance is produced in abnormally high concentrations. The shedding of the material can make structures within the eye less resilient. Studies suggest pseudoexfoliation to be 0.6 percent in 52- to 64-year-olds rising to 5 percent in 75- to 85-year-olds. Pseudoexfoliation is routinely identified during a […]

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