Cataract Screening


The lens of the eye is located behind the pupil. The lens sometimes becomes foggy with the passage of time. When the lens degrades in a way that affects the quality of vision, the degraded lens is called a cataract. When this happens, images do not focus clearly. Sometimes this cloudy focus is mild and vision […]

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Catalys Femtosecond Laser

Cataract, Eye Surgery, Laser Eye Surgery, LASIK

CATALYS® Femtosecond Laser (FSL) is a 21st century technology that can provide an innovative level of exactness to portions of cataract surgery. Its availability for eye surgery offers the opportunity to bring greater patient safety for during of cataract operations. CATALYS® FSL Catalys® Laser System The CATALYS® Precision Laser System has to be differentiated from other types of femtosecond lasers. […]

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Rare Conditions Seen by Our Eye Surgeons

Eye Conditions, Eye Treatments, Health, Ophthalmology Clinic, Outpatient Surgery

Since the 1980s our eye surgeons have had the opportunity to educate and treat patients regarding many rare eye conditions. Here are three of particular interest. Birdshot Retinochoroidopathy (BR) Birdshot retinochoroidopathy is a rare, usually painless inflammation of the blood vessels under the retina. It can flare up and then spontaneously subside. We do not know the cause […]

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