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CATALYS® Femtosecond Laser (FSL) is a 21st century technology that can provide an innovative level of exactness to portions of cataract surgery. Its availability for eye surgery offers the opportunity to bring greater patient safety for during of cataract operations.

catalys femtosecond laser


Catalys® Laser System

The CATALYS® Precision Laser System has to be differentiated from other types of femtosecond lasers. This laser device was not a modification of a pre-existing femtosecond eye laser design that was adapted for cataract surgery. The CATALYS® was engineered from scratch specifically for the management of crystalline lens disorders and cataracts.

Steps of cataract surgery such as capsulotomy or crystalline lens disintegration can be executed with laser pulses femtoseconds (one quadrillionth or 10−15) apart prior to any entry incision in to the eye.

Femtosecond Lasers

The CATALYS® (FSL) brings a new level of precision to portions of cataract surgery that could replace some of the less predictable and more technically demanding cataract surgery steps. It allows generation of single, multi-plane linear or arcuate incisions that can address additional issues such as astigmatism.

CATALYS® FSL treatment plan and multi-plane incision design

catalys laser treatment

CATALYS® FSL has the potential to increase the already high safety profile of cataract surgery.