The lens of the eye is located behind the pupil. The lens sometimes becomes foggy with the passage of time. When the lens degrades in a way that affects the quality of vision, the degraded lens is called a cataract. When this happens, images do not focus clearly. Sometimes this cloudy focus is mild and vision is hardly affected. 

Other times, the focus degradation can be so severe that no images can be seen. In extreme cases, one can only distinguish between light and dark.


Lens cataract

Scheimflug Photography Cataract Imaging

It is possible to screen for the presence of a cataract with a digital optical test called Scheimflug photography.

cataract surgery

                                          Clear Scheimflug showing no cataract

The cataract screening test is performed without touching the eye. The optical scan can analyze the lens behind the pupil and evaluate if it is clouded.

If the screening test is positive, the patient can decide to proceed to a full comprehensive eye examination to properly evaluate how severe the cataract truly is, and if they are candidates for cataract surgery.

cataract screening

Scheimflug showing cataract image

The Westchester Eye Center offers FREE CATARACT SCREENINGS for anyone who suspects they are forming a cataract. Free cataract screenings can be arranged by simply calling our office at 708-531-1030 to request a complimentary cataract screening appointment.

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