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Does Having Prior LASIK Procedure Affect Having Cataract Surgery?

LASIK surgery is a cornea reshaping operation. The objective of the reshaping is to optically correct for a patient’s refractive correction. The new shape of the cornea is permanent. Because this reshaping alters the refractive properties of the eye, previous LASIK surgery makes the selection of an intraocular implant (IOL) more challenging.

Eye surgeons use compensatory optical calculations to predict a suitable IOL for cataract surgery. Because of the difficulties in IOL selection some eye surgeons suggest single focus (monofocal) IOLs for post LASIK cataract surgery patients.

Some patients may request multiple focus (multifocal) post LASIK IOLs.

Multifocal IOLs require very accurate measurements and calculations. Despite the best calculation efforts, multiple focus IOL calculations could result in residual blur that could require an additional surgery to remedy.

Discussion of post LASIK IOL options should be an important part of your preoperative discussion.

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