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Dermatochalais - Droopy Eyelid

While there are many causes of Ptosis or droopy eyelids, the most common types result from a maturity phenomenon called DERMATOCHALASIS & PTOSIS. As a result of age onset changes, eyelids start to sag and drop resulting in lid droop. An eyelid may droop minimally and not affect the patients view or it may entirely block normal vision.

Adult DERMATOCHALASIS is caused by loss of elasticity of the lid skin tissues.

PTOSIS in adults results from the dysfunction or separation of the elevator muscle from the eyelid. While the most common cause of this condition is maturity, diabetes, stroke, myasthenia and other age onset conditions could cause ptosis as well.

Ptosis – Drooping Eyelids Treatment

Ptosis - Droopy Eyelid

Treatment for Ptosis or drooping eyelids is typically a surgical one designed to remove the sagging skin (blepharoplasty) or to repair the dysfunctional elevating eyelid muscle to its proper place on the lid (eyelid elevator muscle reinsertion or tucking).

Surgery should be considered with caution as there are some risks with lid repairs such as bleeding, infection, swelling, reduced vision or double vision. Restoration of eyelid position can be reestablished so the eyelids can function physiologically with the caution that sometimes there can be slight asymmetry between the positions of both eyelids. Westchester Eye Surgery in Chicago can help you better understand the process and treatment options involved.

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