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Eyelid margin disease is a persistent inflammation of the lid margin caused by various health conditions.

eyelid margin disease

Sometimes eyelid margin disease never completely resolves, but with simple daily sanitary measures it can feel much better.

The purpose of eyelid scrubs is to remove eyelid margins crusting and to keep the bases of the lashes clean. A convenient way to do eyelid scrubs is to use commercially available eyelid wipes intended for lid cleanliness. There are several manufacturers that produce them but they have a significant cost.

Affordable Eyelid Scrub Treatment

A more affordable way is using no tears baby shampoo, see our video on eyelid scrubs,  to clean the eyelids. Dilute baby shampoo in luke warm water that is not so hot as to burn the eyelids. Dip clean Q Tips or lint-free pads into this solution and then use them to gently scrub the eyelid margins for 10-15 seconds. Repeat this step two to three times. After the scrubs use a clean towel to dry the eyelid area. Using baby shampoo is important as it will not sting if accidentally contact occurs with eyeball.

Once the eyelids have improved, a maintenance regimen with warm compresses is advised. A warm compress is performed by taking a clean towel and placing it under a faucet that is running luke warm water. Once the excess water is wringed off apply the warm towel on the lids for a few seconds and dry,

Application of daily warm solutions and compresses in conjunction with thorough cleansing of the eyelashes is the key to controlling eyelid margin disease.

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