cataract is a clouding of the eye’s naturally clear lens that leads to blurred vision.

One of the methodologies for removing cataracts is called Phacoemulsification (Phaco). This technology has been available to eye surgeons for over 20 years and is being constantly refined. Westchester Eye Surgeons offer Phaco treatments for cataracts and many other treatment options for eye surgery in Chicago.

Treating Cataracts with Phaco (Phacoemulsification)

The basic principle in Phaco is to introduce an ultrasonic oscillating probe to the cataract.

The high frequency vibrations help dissolve the nucleus of a cataract converting it to an emulsion (hence the word “phaco” and “emulsifier”).

The emulsion is removed via an aspiration port that is incorporated in the tip of the phaco probe.

Cataracts with Phaco – What are the Benefits?

There are two important benefits of Phaco technology. First, it can be performed via a small self-sealing incision that on occasion will not need sutures to close.

Secondly, the healing time of the small incision may allow the patient to resume normal activities sooner than other cataract surgery options.

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