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The cornea is the outermost clear part of the eyeball. Through its translucency, we can view the front chamber of the eye, the round pupil and the iris that gives us our eye color.

While the cornea has the blinking action of the lids to protect it, injuries can still occur when rubbing the eyes with our hands or fingernails, mishandling make up brushes or when dust blows too quickly into our eyes. These injuries are called corneal abrasions and present with soreness, pain, tearing, redness, and distorted acuity.

corneal abrasions

Management of corneal abrasions recommended by eye surgeons include patching the abrasion with antibiotic ointments to prevent infection, wearing special contact lenses that promote healing, and using lubricating eye drops.

Ordinary abrasions typically clear in a couple of days, while more extensive ones could take longer.

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