Cataract, Eye Surgery

Preparation for cataract surgery

A cataract results from a degradation of the focusing properties of the natural lens. Once the patient and eye surgeon have reached the shared decision to proceed with cataract surgery preparation process begins.

Intraocular lens selection (IOL)

As the natural lens will be removed a replacement intraocular lens (IOL) should be selected. This IOL can be determined with data collected from an intraocular lens calculator which is an electronic apparatus that is used to measure focusing characteristics of the eye. Based on these findings an appropriate IOL power and design can be selected for the surgery.

electronic IOL device

Electronic IOL calculation device

Infection Protection

One of the potential postoperative concerns of any surgery is infection. To lower preoperative germ counts around the eyes pre-operative antibiotic drops may be prescribed prior to cataract surgery.

Arrival at the Cataract Surgery Center

After arriving at the surgery center on the day of cataract surgery the surgery center staff will be obtaining a brief history, measuring vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure heart rate and respiration until time for surgery.

Anesthetic choice

Cataract eye surgery can be performed with topical eye medications alone. Monitored anesthesia is available to calm overanxious patients. Monitored anesthesia is overseen by the anesthesiology department. General anesthesia is available but usually reserved for patients with tremors or spasticity conditions.