Cataract Surgery After Lasik

Cataract, Eye Surgery, IOL, LASIK

Does Having Prior LASIK Procedure Affect Having Cataract Surgery? LASIK surgery is a cornea reshaping operation. The objective of the reshaping is to optically correct for a patient’s refractive correction. The new shape of the cornea is permanent. Because this reshaping alters the refractive properties of the eye, previous LASIK surgery makes the selection of […]

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How Cataract Surgery Cost is Calculated


Frequently patients ask about out of pocket costs associated with cataract surgery. Cataract surgery costs are generally categorized into 3 components. Professional fees provided by the cataract surgeon Costs for services by the surgical facility Costs for items and materials that are necessary to complete cataract surgery Professional Fees Provided by the Cataract Surgeon Fees for […]

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