Femtosecond Laser (FSL) is a 21st century technology used in many aspects of eye surgery including cataract surgery.

FSLs can deliver a high level of exactness to portions of cataract surgery. There are several FSL platforms available.

CATALYS® Precision Laser System

CATALYS Laser - Chicago Cataract Surgeon

The CATALYS® FSL is designed with a low vacuum application module. This cataract surgery system applies a gentle treatment FSL delivery interface. The laser is stationary with the treatment bed permanently affixed to the laser. Consequently, the patient must lie on a treatment bed that is maneuvered to the laser (the patient moves to the laser).

LENSAR® Laser System

LENSAR Chicago Cataract Surgeon

The LENSAR® FSL is also designed with a low vacuum application module allowing a gentle treatment FSL delivery interface. In contradistinction to the CATALYS® FSL the LENSAR® FSL is mobile and on casters. (The patient lies on a mobile treatment bed.) Both LENSAR® FSL and treatment bed can be maneuvered giving greater flexibility of treatment positioning (the laser can move to the reclined patient).

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